2019 rec.sport.pro-wrestling awards

You will have three choices in each category, ranked first, second and third. Write-ins are available as a choice and can replace any or all of the pre-nominated choices if you like.

Repeated votes for the same choice - 1st and 2nd and 3rd - will not be counted.

We will be including the best voter commentaries we receive in the final awards post! If you wish to comment on any or all of your vote choices and why you voted for any particular wrestler, simply include it in the text box at the end of each question.

You can save your entry and return to it later - but the polls close February 7, 2020!


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The rec.sport.pro-wrestling Awards (aka the Theszies) are the oldest public-vote wrestling awards on the internet. Dating back to 1990 (when Curt Hennig won Best Wrestler, Scott Steiner’s Frankensteiner won Best Move, and Hulk Hogan versus Earthquake won Worst Feud), the Theszies now span over twenty-five years and are far and away the most comprehensive wrestling awards in wrestling fandom. They are the oldest awards and the best awards.

If you want to see previous years' results, you can see the 2012 "best" Awards here and the "worst" Awards here. The 2013 Awards are here. The 2014 awards are here. The 2015 Awards are here. The 2016 Awards are here. The 2017 Awards are here. The 2018 Awards are here. Finally, you can find a text archive of older Awards years here.